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University Centre Shrewsbury Musical Theatre programme
June 25, 2019

Musical Theatre Co-Programme Leader receives opera grant and a place in New Musicals Weekend

University Centre Shrewsbury’s Musical Theatre Co-Programme Leader and composer Sarah Taylor Ellis has received a Discovery Grant from Opera America to advance work on her composition The Troja

Popular Fiction Summer School
June 24, 2019

University Centre Shrewsbury hosts its first Popular Fiction Summer School this month, from Friday 28 June – Sunday 30 June

University Centre Shrewsbury’s Literature Department has created the University’s first Popular Fiction Summer School, to be held this month from Friday the 28th through Sunday, the 30th.  The fest

Building Skills and Growth Capacity
June 24, 2019

University Centre Shrewsbury receives funding to help Shropshire SMEs to recruit, develop and retain highly skilled employees

University Centre Shrewsbury (UCS) has received £235,000 in funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) and £156,000 in matching funds from the University of Chester to help Shropshire SMEs train a

June 12, 2019

Enhancing Your Degree in Biochemistry

Biochemistry Programme Leader Chris Sharp shares some of the great benefits of studying Biochemistry here at UCS.

Popular Fiction Roundtable; Literature; Shrewsbury

Popular Fiction Matters: Roundtable

Popular Fiction Summer School Literature Shrewsbury Shropshire

Popular Fiction Summer School

50th Anniversary of Man on the Moon

Astronomy: 50th Anniversary of Man on the Moon

Musical Theatre Masterclass University Centre Shrewsbury Dance

Musical Theatre Masterclass