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Please read below information about the options on how and when to pay your deposit and the tuition fees for course at the University of Chester.

Deposit Payment

On acceptance of your offer, you will be required to pay a £3,000 deposit towards your tuition fees to confirm your place.

It is strongly recommended that you pay your deposit as early as possible as we will not issue your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) so that you can apply for your Tier 4 Student visa until your deposit and a copy of your passport (and current visa- if applicable) has been received.

The deposit demonstrates your commitment to the University, in some countries including India, Pakistan and most of Africa, it is more difficult to get entry clearance into the UK as a student, and paying a deposit will increase your chances of getting a student visa.

It is important to note that the £3,000 deposit will be deducted from your course tuition fee upon arrival. If you pay more than the tuition fee deposit stated in your offer letter before enrolment, any additional money paid will be deducted from your remaining tuition fee balance.

Please note that deposits may be refunded in exceptional circumstances only. Each case will be treated on an individual basis and students will be asked to produce evidence: e.g. visa refusal letter, or other necessary documents, to prove their case. However, £150 of each tuition fee deposit will be non-refundable, in order to cover any necessary administration costs related to your application.

Tuition Fee Payments

Option 1: Paying in Instalments

Please send a £3,000 tuition fee deposit together with a copy of your passport to the International Office as soon as possible. When you arrive in Chester you can then pay the remaining tuition fee amount in 2 instalments. Due dates by which you must pay are:

Payment Schedule Date
Deposit Payment When accepting your offer
First instalment When you enrol (September/October)
Second instalment January

Please note that if you pay your tuition fees in instalments you will not be eligible for the Full Fee Payment Award.

Option 2: Paying full tuition fees

If you wish to pay full tuition fees for the academic year in advance of or on enrolment you will be awarded the £250 Full Fee Payment Award. Please note that in order to be eligible for the full £250 award, you need to come on a course of a minimum 12 months and the full tuition fee has to be received by the University of Chester either before or on the start date of the course. MBA Top up, PG Cert or PD Dip students will be entitled to a proportion of the award, depending on the number of modules taken. The bursary is not available for international students studying on a foundation degree or students funded by the employer or another sponsoring body.

The bursary is awarded in a form of a discount.

Useful Information

  • When we receive your payment we will send you a receipt. You will need this receipt if you need to apply for entry clearance into the UK as a student. 
  • Please note: You are responsible for paying all bank charges on bank transfers and payments
  • If you are not paying your tuition fees yourself it is important that you know and trust the person who is paying them on your behalf, as any problems with payment will leave you liable for the full tuition fees.

Payment Methods

The University accepts a number of payment methods and details of these will be sent with your offer letter.

Direct Bank Payments

Please contact the International Office for further information. Please quote your student reference number and your name

Tel: +44 1244 512335

Fax: +44 1244 511260

Cheque Payments

Cheques must be made payable to University of Chester and drawn on a British bank. Please write your student reference number and your name on the back of the cheque.

Sterling Bank Draft

Bank drafts must be made payable to University of Chester. Please write your student reference number and your name on the back of the cheque.

Credit Card Payments

If you are studying at the Chester campus, please contact Chester finance office on +44 1244 512071.

If you are studying at the Warrington campus, please contact Warrington finance office on +44 1925 534348.

Please quote your reference number from your offer letter and your full name.

Withdrawals, Suspensions and Transfers

If you withdraw during the academic year, you will be required to pay a percentage of the full year fee for your course. The percentage charged will depend on the date of your withdrawal. Please note that the date will be taken as the date when the Registry Department receives written notification of your withdrawal, suspension or transfer. In all cases a minimum charge of £2000 will be due.  

Month Amount Due


Minimum charge £2000


20% or £2000 whichever is the greater






Full contribution

Any requests for a refund of tuition fees should be made in writing to the finance office.

Accommodation Fees

Please make sure that you read this section to find out how to pay fees for your accommodation.