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“When I finished my degree and got my results my parents were so proud and it really made it all worthwhile! I am really happy I chose University Centre Shrewsbury, it was the perfect place and course for me".

Natasha Leech, who is originally from Wigan, has achieved a BSc (Hons) in Medical Genetics. This Autumn she will begin a Masters of Science in Reproduction and Development at Bristol University.  

The Course 

“Science has always been my favourite subject, particularly biology and chemistry; my science teachers at school were inspiring. I found genetics to be the most interesting part of biology A-level, which led to my decision to pursue a degree in Medical Genetics. 

I chose UCS for lots of reasons. It was one of the only places to offer the Medical Genetics course rather than just Genetics. Attending the Open Day really helped with the decision-making. I loved Shrewsbury, the town, and loved the idea of small class sizes.  

The People

There is a real sense of family at UCS, everyone is friendly and smiley. It’s nice to see a lot of familiar faces as you tend to know everyone.  I think studying at UCS is so different to most universities, I am so happy I decided to study here! 

The small class sizes meant that we had a really interactive form of learning where the students were encouraged to ask questions, and the lecturers would, in turn, ask questions to really consolidate our learning. It was extremely helpful to have a really good relationship with my tutors and the rest of the class. We had to do a lot of presentations in front of the class - knowing everyone and how supportive they were really helped to build confidence. It was also great to be able to help each other with assignments and around exams.

The staff at UCS are the best and I can't thank them enough for all their support!  They are amazing academics, great teachers and so supportive. During final year dissertations, we had weekly support meetings with our supervisor to discuss ideas and receive constructive input.  They all genuinely care about the students and if students are willing to put in the work, they are very willing to help. 

Lessons Learned

I have grown a lot as a person over the past three years. I have become more confident and outgoing, and a much harder worker. I enjoyed the whole university experience, particularly my final year as everything seemed to click and I finally figured everything out.

I put a lot of hard work into my degree but it definitely paid off. I think it helped that I really enjoyed what I studied and that I was very organised with time management as I worked, volunteered and took part in the netball and rowing societies. Before coming to university I was really quite nervous and never really took part in sports, but because of the nature of UCS I felt the confidence to try something new, and I'm so glad I did.  When Uni became really hard I would look forward to days when I had sports.  It got me through the week and helped me focus on my studies. 

When I finished my degree and got my results my parents were so proud and it really made it all worthwhile! I am really happy I chose UCS, it was the perfect place and course for me.    

The Future 

In my final year, I took a Current Topics module that covered assisted reproductive technologies. I became very interested in the subject and doing the assignments helped me to realise that I want to go into that field.  

I hope a Masters in Reproduction and Development will help me get onto the NHS Scientist Training Programme for Clinical Embryology. My dream career is be a clinical embryologist. I really want to make a difference in people's lives”.