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With exam and assessment season upon us, we talk to Shropshire Psychological Therapies ahead of the Exam Stress & Coping Techniques session on 9th May.

Who are Psychological Therapies?

We’re a talking therapies service offering interventions such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), counselling, guided self-help, online supported CBT and psycho-educational courses which are similar to self-help groups. We’re sometimes referred to as ‘IAPT’ which stands for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies; this simply means that we’re one of a number of NHS teams across the country that offer evidence-based talking therapies free of charge.

How can you help UCS students?

We help with a wide range of common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression and can support those experiencing the following: feeling bad about yourself, difficulty in relating to other people, struggling in your relationships, stress, worry, nervousness, obsessive compulsion, panic, specific phobias and traumatic experiences.

In addition to one-to-one therapy and group interventions, we also deliver workshops called FLASH (Facilitated Learning and Self Help) Clinics on specific topics in community settings such as University Centre Shrewsbury.

Anyone aged 16+ who lives in Shropshire and has a Shropshire GP can self-refer into our service for talking therapy or book onto a FLASH Clinic, this includes students who live here part-time.

(Telford residents with a Telford GP can refer into Telford Primary Care Wellbeing Service)

Tell us more about the session next week…..

The Exam Stress & Coping Techniques FLASH Clinic on 9th May will be delivered by Rachel and Jazz, two of our Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and covers:

    • what stress is
    • sources of exam stress
    • understanding the thought-behaviour-emotion cycle
    • identifying unhelpful patterns of thinking
    • practical coping strategies and tips to combat exam stress
    • useful psychological, behavioural and relaxation techniques.

This session is ideal for anyone who gets overwhelmed, stressed or anxious when it comes to assessments and exams and wants to understand how to deal with the negative thoughts that arise and learn some coping tools to overcome the resulting feelings and behaviours. You don’t have to have a diagnosed mental health difficulty to book on, this session is simply there to equip you with some useful tools to help you through a potentially very stressful period. If you want to come along out of curiosity or in case you need support in future, feel free!

Stress affects us all in very different ways, so if you would like some practical support, book on and we’ll see you there!

The Exam Stress & Coping Techniques session will run on Friday 9th May, 1:30-3pm in room SGH125. It is open to both current students and those applying to study with us for September 2019. Book your place

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