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"Hi everyone,

Now, I can imagine we are all still trying to get used to being stuck indoors. In some ways it can feel like Groundhog Day but instead of the sound of ‘I got you babe’, it’s BBC News headlines. Nonetheless, I don’t want to allow the Coronavirus to prevent us from being able to carry on as usual. Lectures and seminars still being continued online provides us with some sense of normality. Despite the fact assessments and examinations are at a temporary standstill, it’s no excuse to not attempt to make any progress with our studies. I shall be using my other assignments for practice, preparing for starting my second year at UCS.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have established some sort of a routine. Every morning, I grab myself a bowl of cereal out the pantry and bring it to the lounge where Jo-Jo the Budgie gives me company. Much like everyone else, I am very grateful for all the streaming services at the moment. Recently, with the launch of Disney+ in the UK (finally), I have been watching the new Star Wars shows - Star Wars, being my number one favourite franchise, preferring it indefinitely to Star Trek (disregarding the occasion when I arrived at UCS on Halloween with a t-shirt of Captain Kirk’s Starfleet uniform, I am not much of a Trekkie). I then go on my computer and start typing up my lecture notes to keep up to date with my course or I will sit and draft some of my other ideas that I share online.

When it’s time to have a bit of a break, I go into the sitting room to watch some episodes of Merlin with my brother (when he isn’t too busy playing FIFA). Then we both go outside to get some fresh air, mostly playing ball with our two black Labradors, Charlie and Jett, who are happy that neither of us have to leave for school or university at the moment. Then, I challenge my brother to a game of football penalty shootout - I lose. At least I’m getting some exercise! I am still collecting Funko Pop Figures, even though a lot I want aren’t out yet.

I am also currently carrying on with my readings of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. I would definitely recommend finding some new books to read – they are a good distraction or even a form of escapism.

These are just a handful of things I get up to throughout my day. I hope you’re all staying home and staying safe!"


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