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Almost every Business School teaches Business Management but at UCS our emphasis is on developing your skills and competencies to be able to contribute in business. Our Business Management programme, of course, focuses upon the expected core and important parts of the discipline, but also pushes you into less explored areas such as the psychology of business managers and sustainability in business practice. You then develop both knowledge and professional skills that are so important for modern working life and the future.

You can also shine in your final year in particular, by conducting your own research in areas that interest you or that you may be steering your career towards.

Developing your skills, knowledge and judgement

The first year of your course ensures you have core skills and knowledge across the important business functions and supports you as you step up into the second year of your studies. You’ll develop a great grasp of a variety of perspectives of business practice to succeed - including people and interpersonal skills, human judgement and decision making, thinking across business functions and evaluating how they integrate as business operations. Business Management draws upon a diverse body of knowledge – from anthropology, cultural studies, finance through to psychology and sociology – so whatever your background, you will find a focus in the programme that will challenge you.

Study, support and engagement with specialist guest speakers and opportunities

Throughout the programme, there are professional invited guest speakers, field visits and other opportunities such as national enterprise competitions where you can stretch your business legs and look ahead to graduation with confidence. In preparation for life after your undergraduate degree, part of the final year is devoted to helping you plan your life after graduation as we support your preparation for professional success. So don’t miss out on accessing specialised support from our dedicated career services team and tutors and get one-on-one guidance for writing CVs, cover letters and job applications.

However, the chances to develop your professional skills do not end there! For example, in one of the final year modules, you have the opportunity to manage your own business or reflect on and analyse the performance of employees as you hone your analytical skills. So engage, keep your eyes open and follow opportunities when they arise!

The UCS family

Because of the opportunities we provide our students, the course is designed to be small. Hence, you can count on being taught in classrooms with less than 30 students under a dedicated team. This has a number of benefits for you including a strong support system that can help you succeed, no matter what challenges you face. Also, you will get to know at least some of the other undergraduate students in your year from other faculties. Hence, your world at UCS can be as big, or as small, as you want it to be.

From an academic perspective, the small group setting means that rather than have you sit in a lecture hall, we can use a number of interactive and innovative teaching methods. These include seminars, debates, applied activities, field trips, and role-play exercises. And, due to the close-knit community we have here, these activities are done with the friends you will no doubt make for life!

So, if you want to become a manager – with the potential to be active across a vastly diverse range of organisations, graduate with a highly employable CV and be part of our rich and growing community, then come in person to see what we have to offer.


While you may not be able to visit us in person at the moment, you can now visit our Shrewsbury Virtual Experience to find out more about life at University Centre Shrewsbury. If have any other questions you can reach us at

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