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Our Medical Genetics degree is set firmly in the birthplace of Charles Darwin but is informed by the latest innovations coming out of the 100,000 Genomes Project. The West Midlands collected the second highest number of samples in the country for this project.

Genomic Medicine

Our students were fascinated to hear from a Genomics Ambassador who discussed how the results of the project are already informing patient care in the clinic. This coupled with a talk from a Genomic Counsellor gave an excellent insight into the world of Medical Genetics and increasingly personalised medicine which will require skilled practitioners such as yourselves!

Work Based Learning

Our second-year students will shortly be starting their Work Based Learning in our labs, undertaking a series of projects including looking at variable gene expression in bacteria using the latest real-time PCR equipment. This is a chance for students to work independently in a work-like setting with minimal guidance from lecturers. At the end they reflect on what they have learned, particularly from their mistakes, and how they might improve their laboratory practice. The module rounds off with speakers from industry and the NHS who talk about their career paths and perhaps opening students’ eyes to the many opportunities available to them.

Work Experience

Our final year students have recently spent a day at the Assisted Conception Unit for Shropshire and Mid Wales where they spent time with the Fertility team to learn about the work they do and discover what it means to be a Healthcare Scientist. They will shortly be visiting the Radiotherapy Unit at the hospital to see the machinery involved in delivering treatment to cancer patients - a great opportunity to see the application of the theory they learn in lectures in a patient care setting. We have some excellent links with the local hospitals who are keen to encourage our students by giving them access to many departments within the hospital to see first-hand the vital role of clinical scientists within the NHS.

Specialist Lectures

Students were privileged to hear a talk from Professor Ian Wilson who holds the Chair in Drug Metabolism and Molecular Toxicity at Imperial College London. He spoke to them about the role of Biochemistry in personalised medicine and how knowledge obtained from the genome project will ultimately feed through to the pharmaceutical industry.

Darwin Festival

This festival is held every year to commemorate the birth of Charles Darwin and gives students the opportunity to widen their knowledge of genetics and evolution beyond the field of medicine. There are lots of activities and talks around the town which this year included a couple of SciBars which essentially means Science with a pint! So if you fancy discussing science in a pub then this is for you!

Find out the latest news from the UCS Bioscience department at their Facebook page. If you'd like to learn more about studying Medical Genetics or Medical Science at UCS, why not come along to one of our upcoming Visit Days? You can book your place here

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