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Studying at University Centre Shrewsbury allows you to take part in some fantastic opportunities. Following a recent field trip to Spain, third-year Geography student Kirsten shares her experiences with us.


“One of our third-year modules included a trip to Barcelona for a week in September 2018 to study the diversity within the city and the differences from one place to another, as well as how spaces are used and may change over time with regeneration or events.

I had been to Barcelona before on a city break with my boyfriend and was lucky enough to explore a lot of the places we visited on the trip. This made me feel comfortable and excited to see the city again. I was nervous about starting my third year and meeting many of the Chester students, but everyone was very welcoming and this didn’t affect the trip at all.

The trip was designed for us to use the research methods we studied in our second year and apply them to a ‘real’ international research project. We were also given three articles to read before the trip, each of which would prepare us for the three themes we were studying there: ‘Cosmopolitan City’, ‘Cultural Identity Politics’ and ‘Whose City?’

These themes gave a focus to centre our research around which we gave a presentation for, and in turn has led to a written report following the work we did - allowing us to dive deeper into the chosen study area. In the group I was part of, for the research project, we studied how inclusive the ‘Olympic legacy’ has been to the people of Barcelona, and how this has affected the city post an Olympic event. This was relating to the ‘Whose City?’ theme, as we tried to determine who, post-Olympic Games, the spaces were designed for and who mainly uses them? Does this create exclusion?

I feel the trip went well and I was able to devise a strong subject area for my assignment afterwards. Having the option for a module to be finished by November has allowed me to feel more relaxed going into my third-year, knowing that a whole module will be complete before Christmas and allowing me more time in the months following to fully focus on my dissertation. And being able to visit another country in the meantime is a bonus!”


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