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So, most of you are probably already familiar with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype but here are some other ways you can keep in touch with the people around you.


I’m sure lots of you have heard about this by now! Available on Android, iOS, iPadOS and MacOS, Houseparty has revamped the world of video chat. You can take part in quizzes and games, either one-on-one or in a large group. Grab a drink and make this your new Saturday night out! Download Houseparty here.

Netflix Party 

We’ve all tried to watch Netflix at the same time as someone else over FaceTime and battled with it being out of sync or buffering every 5 minutes. Well, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Netflix Party, the Chrome extension, lets you watch Netflix with other people and even has a group chat for you to talk in. It’s never much fun watching Netflix on your own so pick your favourite film or series and give it a go. Get Netflix Party here.


A bit like Netflix Party, ShareTube lets you watch YouTube in real-time with your friends. You create a virtual room where you can chat, queue and pause videos too. Here’s the ShareTube website.


Everyone loves a challenge! Wordfeud is an online version of scrabble, designed to get you thinking. For iOS and Android, challenge your friends – you can simultaneously play in up to 30 games! Download Wordfeud here.


If you have a love for reading, then you’re going to love this app. Bookship allows you to share your reading experiences with your friends or your bookclub. You can chat about your favourite books, as well as post pictures of your favourite quotes. This might just sound like any other group chat but you can also read a select number of books completely free! Bookship has a built-in eReader where you can add notes and comments to the book you’re reading for all your friends to see. Get Bookship here.


This may be the cutest app ever! LokLok lets you leave little notes on your significant other’s screen, so if you’re not able to see each other at the moment, this little gesture could really mean a lot. It’s hard when you miss someone, so why not leave them a note or a drawing so they know that you’re thinking of them. This app is available for Android devices only and can be downloaded here.

If you’re finding isolation difficult, why not try and make your video calls a part of your weekly routine. Here are some ways you can do this:

Friday Feeling

It’s Friday night, the weekend is here! Grab yourself a drink and get on Houseparty with your friends.

Date Night

Not seeing your significant other as much as you may be used to is probably feeling quite tough. Make sure you take some time one evening to schedule a ‘date night’. Maybe you plan to watch something together on Netflix Party or you could even cook a meal together on FaceTime. It can be something for you both to look forward to.

Coffee Catch Up

Are you missing going for coffee with your friends? Why don’t you make yourself a hot drink and call your friend for a chat? It doesn’t have to be as fancy as the coffee they make in your favourite coffee shop but at least you’ll still have a good gossip!


If you’re struggling to find the motivation to stay active at the moment, why not challenge a friend and do it together? You can have a catch up whilst doing some lunges – you’ll feel better for it afterwards!

Staying connected is incredibly important, so we hope that this has sparked your interest a little bit and left you wanting to try out some of these ideas. If you’re feeling a little blue, it’s surprising how much a catch up with your best pal can lift your spirits. So get creative and, come up with some really fun ways to stay in touch and stay safe!


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