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If you’re interested in studying Musical Theatre at Shrewsbury, you can find out more about the course at our upcoming Open Day. Programme Leaders Nicole Wellings and Sarah Taylor Ellis share their tips for the day.


What are your tips for attending an Open Day?

Nicole: “Speak to us, the staff. The people who will teach you, ask all your questions, there are no silly questions.”

Sarah: “Explore! I would not only visit Guildhall and Theatre Severn, but also spend time in the beautiful town of Shrewsbury. Your University experience will encompass not only the modules you take, but the people you work with (lecturers and students) and the surrounding environment, which is quite special!”


What can people find out about the course on an Open Day?

Nicole: “All course content, module details and assessment information, to name a few things.”

Sarah: “We want to share what makes our course unique and how it might feel to be a part of this new and exciting Musical Theatre programme.”


What is your favourite part of your job?

Nicole: “Dancing every day and working with people (students and colleagues) who love the industry as much as I do!”

Sarah: “Immersing myself in musical theatre 24/7, collaborating with talented students and colleagues, and thinking critically about how and why this art form matters to us – as performers, as writers, as directors, as spectators. It is an endlessly fascinating genre!”


What makes University Centre Shrewsbury unique? 

Nicole: “The people! It is a very special place.”

Sarah: “I would second Nicole! Everyone is warm, welcoming, and supportive.”


Why should people come to an Open Day?

Nicole: “You have to see a place to get a real sense of a place. See what it feels like being in the studio, working with the lecturers, does it feel like home? If it does, you've found your University.”

Sarah: “The first-hand experience of being on campus, meeting lecturers, and meeting current students is so important in making a decision about University. As Nicole said, it should feel like home!”


Our Open Day is taking place Saturday 19th October. You can book your place here.

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