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Second-year Applied Psychology student Lucy tells us about her time living in The Tannery and all the benefits she’s found from living in University accommodation.

"Shrewsbury is such a lovely place to live! I currently live in the Tannery Accommodation building, and I love it here! I have lived in this building for two years and I have enjoyed every single moment.

Living in accommodation gives you so much independence, but there’s always a helping hand whenever you need it. The Tannery is a new, modern building that provides you with everything you need - fully fitted kitchens which you share with up to five other people (an amazing opportunity to make friends for life) and bedrooms which are just perfect for students.

I come from the outskirts of Liverpool and always knew I wanted a change of scenery when I moved to university and coming to a small town like Shrewsbury was the perfect change for me. The Shrewsbury community is so loving and helpful, you feel welcome from the moment you arrive.

Moving in day was a big worry for me, leaving family and friends to live in a new place can be scary, but the concierge staff and Student Ambassadors made me feel so welcome and instantly at home. My family were able to leave me knowing I was in the safest of hands and going to have the best of times living away from home.

Moving away to university and living in accommodation was one of the best decisions I ever made - I am now so independent and I am equipped with all the skills I will need for when I leave university and start my future. I have also made lifelong friends through living in accommodation, and these are friends I will truly have with me forever. It is so refreshing to make friends who are from all over the world and learn new things from them too!"


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