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Our Musical Theatre students have lots of great opportunities on their course from special guest masterclasses featuring Pros from the Shows to trips to the West End. Even this year’s national lockdown didn’t stop them from being productive, as they came together to host a range of virtual lockdown sessions. We caught up with students Orla and Lucy as they reflected on the experience.  

Why did you decide to take part in the lockdown sessions?

Orla: "I took part as a way to show my family and friends what I had learned in the first year of University as well as to just have fun and enjoy doing what I love."

Lucy: "I am very passionate about Musical Theatre having taken part in a variety of different musicals at the Theatre Severn since the age of 11. I liked that it was something different for me to do whilst in lockdown and gave me some sense of normality over the lockdown period."

How do you feel they went?

Orla: "I really enjoyed being able to take part in the sessions and I felt that they went really well under the circumstances of not being able to rehearse together in person. It was so nice still being able to perform with my peers and for my friends and family at home to see us."

Lucy: "I feel that they were successful, we all enjoyed doing them and it showed the public what we’ve been doing and that we can work even when we were in a hard hitting situation."

Was it helpful to stay connected with staff and fellow students during lockdown?

Orla: "It was so unbelievably helpful being able to stay connected to my peers and lecturers. It made me feel like I was still able to work under the difficult circumstances and I was still being active with my learning. It was a nice break from being locked up in the house, knowing I still had tasks to complete, goals to work towards and a way to be productive. As cheesy as it sounds, we’re just like one big family. We all worked so closely as an ensemble to create the amazing pieces of work we put on throughout the year right up until the pandemic. Being able to have that connection with the year above made moving to University slightly less daunting."

Lucy: "I found it good that we were able to stay in contact with staff as we still had someone to talk to with any issues that we have with our work or the isolation sessions themselves. We did zoom quizzes throughout lockdown and had catch ups with each other which was lovely. I absolutely love my course and the people I have around me. The lecturers are so welcoming and are always there if you want a chat about anything."

What advice would you give any students thinking of coming to University Centre Shrewsbury?

Orla: "If I could say one thing it would be – don’t be scared. At UCS there is a place for everybody. Shrewsbury is such a lovely town and is a great place to be whilst you’re studying. All the staff at the University Centre are approachable for all students and there is always somewhere to go if you are needing that support for wellbeing or academic studies."

Lucy: "Be open to anything! We all support each other and no question is a silly question. It’s the most welcoming University I visited when looking around and I couldn’t tell you one bad thing about it! They have an amazing support system in place if it’s needed and the Students’ Union take on the student voice. It’s a lovely environment that we look forward to welcoming you too."

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