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You can get even more out of your university experience through Shrewsbury Students’ Union (SSU). SSU is part of the wider Chester Students’ Union - an independent organisation dedicated to improving the student experience for all University of Chester and University Centre Shrewsbury students. The Students’ Union offers a wide range of services: free, impartial and confidential advice, academic representation through Student Experience Reps and Student Council, facilitating student groups in the form of student-led societies and year-round events and volunteering opportunities for all. 

Blogging Society 

Arianna Beach 

“I recently suggested starting a blog with my fellow students. I was surprised with how many people were eager to get involved! The Students’ Union are really helpful with setting up your society, all you need to do is fill in a form explaining why you want to do it and collect three signatures. We will soon be launching Shrewsbury’s own section on ‘Bazza’, Chester’s blog. Societies are a great way to learn new skills with like-minded people, so if you have an idea, go for it!” 


International Society 

Assel Adilova 

“As President of the International Society, I can say that the purpose of this society is to support all international students at UCS in every possible way. From my own personal experience as an international student, I have faced some issues not only with my visa but with other things too. Therefore, I wanted to provide help to new students, helping them to adapt, deal with homesickness and help with documentation. I know how hard it is to be in a foreign country for the first time and speak in a foreign language.”


Rowing Society 

Åse Refnes 

“Being a member of the UCS Rowing Society provides me with a great way of getting a break from my normal university lecture setting, and to do something active and social in my spare time. The society arranges weekly rowing sessions with professional instructors at the Pengwern Boat Club, as well as charity events and other social events during the year. In addition, all members get free access to the clubs, facilities and boats to row whenever you want.” 



Vice-President of SSU 

Courteney Ayre

“If there isn’t a current society that interests you, why not set up your own? It only takes you and a few friends to come up with an idea and fill out the application form – the SU does the rest!” 

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