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Having found sixth form challenging, university was the furthest thing from Sophie’s mind on results day. Lo and behold, she surprised herself and had done better than she ever expected.

Whether it was fate or coincidence (we’ll let you decide), Sophie saw some information on her way out about Clearing at University Centre Shrewsbury. Not waiting another moment, she applied right there. Now in her third year of the BA (Hons) English course, Sophie has come a long way. Her confidence has grown and she has surprised herself with how much she’s learnt (she seems to surprise herself a lot!).

Whatever the reason for you not applying to university, whether you aren’t expecting to get the results you need, you feel like it’s not for you, or you think you’ve run out of time, Sophie’s story shows us that you really don’t know what will happen on results day or how you’ll feel.

Clearing is open until 23rd October, so if you do find yourself in a position to re-think your options or have suddenly realised that university is where you want to be, it isn’t too late. If you are interested in applying through Clearing, you can contact University Centre Shrewsbury on 0808 164 2714 or alternatively have a look at our Clearing information.

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