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Although the global pandemic has led to a very different first term to previous years, here at University Centre Shrewsbury we’re committed to putting our students first. We caught up with first year Applied Psychology student Conor to find out how his first term went.


"Starting university is a huge change for anyone, bringing multiple new challenges, such as meeting new friends, or learning new topics. In September 2020, I decided to apply for Applied Psychology through clearing at University Centre Shrewsbury (UCS). Now into my second term, I have experienced a range of high points and difficult challenges to overcome. I will share my experiences so far, for any potential student to see what the first year at university looks like in a global pandemic.

I came to study Applied Psychology at UCS for a few reasons. Firstly, I chose UCS because of its closeness to home (being from Shrewsbury). This helped me because it meant I was still close to family and friends. Secondly, before applying through Clearing, I had reviewed the course content, finding that the modules seemed interesting, in-depth, and modern. The course seemed to excel in terms of what was offered, compared to other universities I had visited. Once I had applied and had been accepted, the next step was to attend.

In my first few days, I was nervous, being in a new environment, learning a novel subject and not knowing anyone on my course. These nerves soon settled. This was due to the friends I quickly made on the course and the incredible staff. I was impressed by how interesting the lectures were, with a wide range of topics covered, such as conducting research in psychology, child psychology, biology and cognition, self and society, and problem-solving in the real world.

The lecture and support staff's amount of support was amazing, with any questions I had being quickly and clearly answered. Highlights from my first term include being involved in a class stress test and conducting multiple experiments (with more to come). Although the first term was a learning curve, it was a good one, with challenges being overcome. I feel that I have already progressed hugely since I started.

Remote learning due to Covid-19 has been interesting. It has been challenging for everyone, including the staff at UCS, to adapt to the changes in the way content is delivered. Even with these challenges, there is a strong sense that help is not far away if needed and you can have a chat (via Microsoft Teams) if you are in need. Adding to this, the friends that I have made make it easier to cope with the current circumstances, as most days my phone lights up with notifications from my group chat, including some helpful tips, or just some hilarious meme.

Although the current times are very uncertain, studying at UCS will help you focus on something you enjoy and gain valuable skills in the process. Not only that, you feel in good hands with the expertise of the staff. Although only small in numbers, the UCS courses hold up with larger universities and even surpass them. My advice to aspiring students is not to worry, make sure the course content suits what you want to learn, reach out for advice, and know that with the help of UCS, you will succeed if you put in the hard work."


Applications to study at University Centre Shrewsbury this September are open now. To get started with your application, go to, click on the Apply and Track button and register your details. The deadline for UCAS applications is 29th January 2021.

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