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The events of this year so far have definitely thrown everything up in the air. It’s so easy to lose track of what day it is, let alone what month it is. All of a sudden Summer is upon us – a time where you were most likely expecting to be celebrating the end of your exams, relaxing at home and making lots of exciting plans with your friends and family. Well, just because this year has been slightly different so far doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your Summer break and use it to rest up and get prepared for term starting again in September.

Be Kind to Yourself

Yes, Summer may seem like the perfect opportunity to do some research, plan your assignments, and map out your future career path, but it is really important to also let yourself have a break from your studies, to really recharge your batteries. Proper rest and relaxation will do wonders for your motivation and do keep in mind that it’s been a busy, stressful year and there’s no harm in slowing down. It’s what the Summer break is for! Try not to set unrealistic lengthy to-do lists and be kind to yourself if you do find yourself craving some down time. Enjoy it!

Keep Active

Summer is the perfect time to really prioritise your physical health, as well as your mental wellbeing. We all know that exercise makes us feel good but it can work wonders for your mind too. If you’re wanting to feel motivated and prepared for September, why not use your Summer break to try out something new and work on keeping your body and your mind active? It could be setting yourself the challenge of walking every single day or even just practicing some at-home stretches whenever you get a free minute – whatever it is, it will allow you to focus and set you up for the day ahead.

Create a Routine

When you feel well-rested and ready to start preparing for the next academic year, try and create a daily routine – something for you to stick to. Having a lack of structure throughout the Summer can mean that you have every intention to be productive and make the most of your free time, but you’re unsure how to discipline yourself to get stuff done. Here’s some handy tips:

  • Wake up at a reasonable time each day. (Leave hitting that snooze button for the weekend maybe).
  • Get dressed. It sounds dreamy working in your pyjamas but will no doubt kill any motivation you have. That’s right, put on your jeans.
  • Give yourself breaks. Don’t be afraid of putting everything away, shutting down your laptop, going outside for some fresh air. You’ll find yourself feeling so much more refreshed when you come back to it all later.

Make a List

It might sound simple but, rest assured, having a to-do list that holds you accountable is a great way to actually achieve your goals. Get a pen and paper and write out all of the things you would like to do. Remember, be realistic and don’t try to do too much at once. Set yourself some smaller goals perhaps – that satisfied feeling when you cross everything off your list is the same either way! The act of crossing off tasks will give you a sense of achievement and increase your motivation.

Tidy Up

We know this might sound obvious but a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind! How can you expect to be productive when you’re surrounded by notes for previous assignments or scrap bits of paper that don’t make sense anymore? Tidy it all away and clear the space. You’ll be able to think straight and not feel overwhelmed by the mess around you. Perhaps your desk is spotless but your desktop has seen better days? Spend an hour deleting old files and images you’ve been hoarding on your laptop. You’ll have a better idea of where everything is and it will make your life so much easier. Finally, if you don’t have a proper workspace, try and make one. If you want to be productive, working from your bed isn’t an option!

Look to the Future

We understand that the events of this year may have complicated some of your important decisions for your future. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of people in the same position as you and we’re here to offer advice and support to guide you through your next step.

Regardless of what stage you’re at or what plans you have for your future, it’s good to keep an open mind and do your research to see what’s out there. Have a look at UCAS and explore all the different career options available. If you’re wanting to really make the most of this valuable time, you could attend virtual workshops or try and learn a new skill. It could be a good idea to have a look what universities are specifically asking for and see if you can enhance your own skillset and broaden your horizons.

If there’s one thing to take away, please don’t stress! Don’t be afraid to reach out to universities, ask your questions and connect with them on social media (@ucshrewsbury). If you’d like to find out more about university life at University Centre Shrewsbury, you can visit us virtually or come to one of our on-campus events. Or, if you have any questions about student life in Shrewsbury, you can chat to one of our students – they’re always happy to help.


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