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Following her previous blog, third-year Events and Festivals Management student Olivia tells us more about how her trip to Spain went.


“As the first student to take part in Study Aboard for University Centre Shrewsbury, I was proud to represent the University on my adventure to Spain. It was a huge honour as Shrewsbury is a beautiful place and I was thrilled to be representing UCS as a whole. The trip not only had a positive effect on myself but also had an impact on the host organization.  I made connections between both universities and the different campuses within the University of Chester, which will help to spread the word to get more people involved in this fantastic course.

This trip enabled me to engage in an intense language course consisting of 80 hours of study over a four-week period. During the four weeks I completed level one Spanish. As a result my vocabulary, grammar and comprehension of the Spanish language has developed and I was able to communicate with people in the local area with ease. Cultural activities happened every day after class which helped me understand the local area and the differences between England and Spain. Over the four weeks I visited three different cities within Spain. These were Valencia, Madrid and Toledo, and they gave me an insight into varying cultures of the country.

These cities were all different in their own way, each with their own individual histories and culture - it was unbelievable. During my time in Spain I saw many different churches and cathedrals, which were all amazing and beautiful. They gave me an insight into how religion in Spain is varied and how each church or cathedral is unique. We received a guided tour around them all, so we found out about the history behind each one. We also took part in a Flamenco dance workshop. This is a typical traditional Spanish dance which dates back for hundreds of years.

All these activities over the four weeks helped me to gain an understanding of the Spanish culture and history, which overall has enabled me understand the language so much.

When I first arrived in Spain I was very excited, however after a week I got very homesick because I missed my family. I wanted to come home, but I stuck at it and I gradually adjusted to my new life in Spain. At the end, whilst I was glad to be coming home, I had really adjusted to life in Spain and was sad to leave both a beautiful country and wonderful people I had the pleasure of meeting. I made so many new friends from around the world and I can honestly say that I have made friends for life. The host organization Espacu were very attentive and they made my experience unforgettable, I can’t thank them enough.

The whole experience helped me develop as a person and I am very grateful for getting the opportunity to take part in the Study Abroad programme.”


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