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'I first visited Shrewsbury around three years ago.

I was immediately stuck by what a picturesque place it was. Entering the town via Abbey Foregate the first place of interest was the wonderful Abbey. I was then treated to a walk across the bridge and up the hill, filled with interesting independent shops.

When I got to the centre of the town I was very much struck by the feeling that this was a town on the up. The high street was not filled with empty stores, as many towns unfortunately are these days. I then enjoyed a walk around the old streets and along the river. Of particular interest to me was the discovery that the town had its own university. How wonderful it would be to work in Shrewsbury I thought.

I visited Shrewsbury a number of times over the next year and when I saw that University Centre Shrewsbury was advertising for a Psychology Lecturer, I jumped at the chance. Since then I have very much enjoyed spending time in Shrewsbury. I find it has a pleasant and vibrant atmosphere. Shrewsbury is always busy and there are so many different places to eat, drink, and relax.'


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