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Course overview

This interdisciplinary course will deliver modules addressing the health needs of women across the life span. The range of modules reflects contemporary issues facing women within a multicultural context.

October 2018
  • Guildhall
1 Year

Why Study Women’s Health with us?

This is responding to individuals working towards the enhancement of women’s health. It is anticipated the course will be represented by students from health, medicine and social care professions working in the public and private sectors, who will be engaging with continuing professional development (CPD) while seeking to enhance their knowledge of the complexities of participating in the delivery and the understanding of women’s health.

Although this is an advanced course, it will facilitate a bespoke approach to learning, allowing you to critically consider your own practice. This course will also be multi- and interdisciplinary, reflecting the services provided by a range of health and social care providers.

This course is available at either University Centre Shrewsbury, or Bache Hall, near Parkgate Road Campus, Chester.



Guildhall is nestled on the banks of the River Severn, and only a short walk from the winding streets of Shrewsbury.
First constructed in 2004, and renovated for the arrival of University Centre Shrewsbury in 2015, the Guildhall building is used as the main centre for teaching and learning and offers fresh, modern and open spaces for students to enjoy.
The building boasts brand-new computer suites, lecture and seminar rooms, open-plan laboratories, a spacious library, as well as a student common room, lounge, fitness suite, courtyard, and on-site café.