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People do not remain strangers for long here, and due to this, friendships have been struck up which have transcended year groups.

University Centre Shrewsbury helped mature student Andrew get back into education and achieve things he’d wanted to do for years.

I absolutely love History! I always have. From my youth, it had been my intention to undertake study for a BA in the subject, but life had its habits of getting in the way. Eventually, and after a decade or two of dithering, I decided that my life was considerably more settled than it had been in my younger years and that the time was right, and I subsequently applied to UCS to study History when the campus opened. Several years ago I commenced studying for an undergraduate degree in History at the University of Wolverhampton. At the time it was the nearest institution of higher education to my hometown of Shrewsbury, and was furthermore relatively easy to get to. Then approximately four years ago, I learned that University of Chester and Shropshire Council were planning on opening a University Centre in my hometown. Travelling to Wolverhampton was fine, but I was additionally working evenings and nights, so the travel time to and from Wolverhampton ate into the available hours in my day. Therefore, transferring my study to University Centre Shrewsbury seemed the obvious choice. The campus is less than two miles from my home and as a result, my travel time was very much reduced.


I feel great about completing my degree! Initially, as a mature student with a two-decade hiatus from education, I had my doubts about my ability. But over the course of the two years I was at UCS doing my BA, my confidence grew and this eventually began to be reflected in my written work. When I knew that I would be awarded a First Class Degree in History, I felt that I had finally redeemed myself for what I considered the wasted years of my twenties and thirties. Greatly encouraged by this result, I have subsequently gone on to study the MA in Military History at UCS too!

A Close-Knit Community

In my opinion, the close-knit feel of UCS makes it very unique. People do not remain strangers for long here, and due to this, friendships have been struck up which have transcended year groups. Furthermore, the relatively small numbers of students attending the lectures ensures that additional quality time can be given over to individual student development by members of the faculty. Through the lecturers I have gained further insight into the subject I chose to study. This has exponentially widened my knowledge on the subject, and as a result, I am gradually evolving into a historian who is beginning to appreciate the academic side of History.