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Genetics and Evolution student Molly found that attending University Centre Shrewsbury allowed her to try new things, build confidence and achieve a first-class BSc degree in the process.

Genetics and Evolution student Molly found that attending University Centre Shrewsbury allowed her to try new things, build confidence and achieve a first-class BSc degree in the process.

“I wasn’t ready to leave home straight after college. If UCS hadn’t opened then I probably wouldn’t have gone to university. It was lucky really, and now I have my BSc degree which I never would have gotten without the help and support at UCS.

At the time of applying to universities I was looking at biology and geology courses. I had done A Levels in both of these subjects and found the DNA parts of biology, and the palaeontology parts of geology the most interesting. The course at UCS combined the two with the genetics lectures and the evolution lectures.

I am immensely proud of myself for getting this far. I’ve always been quite an anxious and nervous person, which is the main reason I didn’t want to move away from Shrewsbury to go to university. I think my degree will help me in the long-term, especially as something to boost my CV. I now work as a Laboratory Technician in Craven Arms, not far from Shrewsbury so I have stayed local, and I believe the degree helped me get this job.

In the future I hope to get into science communication. The essay writing and preparation of presentations were always my favourite part of my university assessment and I want to be able to do something like this as a job in the future. Currently, I am studying for a masters in Science Communication online and part-time with the University of Edinburgh. I would not have gotten a place here without UCS helping me to achieve the best results possible.”

University Life

“It’s definitely important to get involved with things! I tried to do as many extracurricular activities as I could fit in to my schedule. During my time at UCS I have been a Student Ambassador, a Student Community Representative, a member of the D&D society, and a volunteer in the wider community with Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, Oxfam Bookshop, and a local Brownies troop. Every single one of these roles has been enjoyable, allowed me to network and make connections, and helped build my confidence in the process. It can get very busy but it’s great and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

I have so many highlights from my time at UCS! One of my favourites was the trip to the Warner Brother's Harry Potter Studios during my first year. It was near Christmas time and, because there wasn’t too many of us at UCS at the time, most of our year group went on the trip. There was a group of eight of us who shared a room in the youth hostel overnight and it was great! It sounds cliché but I really did make life-long friends that day.”

The Staff

“The staff are all passionate about their work, and I don’t just mean the lecturers. All of the staff are 100% behind the students; from the librarians and the receptionists, to the café staff and, of course, the provost Anna Sutton. Everybody there is so friendly and supportive, they want their university to succeed and for their students to flourish. Also, because UCS is so small, you end up being really close to the staff. Your lecturers become more like friends and family and that’s something you’d never get at a bigger university.

I’ve graduated with a first-class BSc degree and it’s all thanks to the help and support at UCS. You get the chance to have 1:1 meetings when it comes to your dissertations, and you wouldn’t get this at a big university because the lecturers would have too many students and too little time. UCS is different. The staff will never let you struggle and they are there for you whether it be by email or in person. It’s not just about the academic achievements though, it’s about your personal development too. In my case, my confidence has grown slowly but surely throughout my time at UCS, and it’s all thanks to the staff.”