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An event this week brought people together to discuss the opportunities for University Centre Shrewsbury to work with and contribute to the community.

Shrewsbury community representatives joined with members of the University of Chester’s Community Liaison Committee, student support teams, the vice-chancellor, and Chester residents’ associations.

The event, on Thursday December 4, 2014, was organised following discussions on how to progress the development of community links in Shrewsbury, in ways that best suit the town.

Feedback had been shared that it would be useful for members of the Shrewsbury community to hear first-hand from people involved in community liaison work in Chester. The project team was asked if it would be possible to provide an idea of how these services operate in practice, to help inform plans for Shrewsbury.

Representatives from Shropshire Council, Shrewsbury Town Council, West Mercia Police, Shrewsbury Town Centre Residents’ Association, and Shrewsbury Civic Society, were among those at the event.

The focus of discussions during the evening included how the community can benefit, such as from the voluntary work of students and staff. Ways to continue to listen to and share ideas, and address any concerns, were also considered, including the potential to set up a Community Liaison Committee or similar body for Shrewsbury, as the institution grows.

Professor Tim Wheeler, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Chester, said: “University Centre Shrewsbury is being developed with a range of partners to help to ensure that the institution creates as many educational, economic, social and cultural benefits as possible.

“It was great to discuss the developments with representatives from across the community this week and share information, views and ideas on how we can build on initial work to create strong links into the future.

“We really appreciate everyone’s time and input, and look forward to continuing to progress developments with the community.”

Clive Wright, Chief Executive of Shropshire Council said: "This was a great opportunity for Shrewsbury to learn about how to prepare for University students coming to our town.

"Developing good relationships between the community and the University Centre is really important and something we want to get right, so it was extremely helpful to meet with residents, local groups and authorities from Chester and share their experiences and success. We plan to do similar events in the future."

Mike Smith, Chair of Shrewsbury Town Centre Residents' Association, added: “We thoroughly appreciated hearing the aims and intentions explained by the vice-chancellor, lord mayor and key individuals from Chester. 

“It was a very constructive event and we are looking forward to the introduction of a student community in Shrewsbury town centre. We will continue to get involved in the process by assisting, respecting and learning from the development.”

The event was held at the University of Chester’s Parkgate Road Campus, in Chester.

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