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A second year science student at University Centre Shrewsbury (UCS) has been recognised for his outstanding achievements during his first 12 months at the institution.

Max Yates is studying Medical Genetics, one of several popular Bachelor of Science (BSc) single honours programmes run by Chester Medical School at UCS.

Max was presented with the Michael Davie Research Foundation (MDRF) Award for best overall accomplishment in Life Sciences during the first year of studies.

A certificate and cheque for £100 were presented to Max by Professor Michael Davie, a consultant physician recently retired from clinical practice, but who is continuing his research into osteoporosis.

The Foundation is a local biomedical charity that supports research into bone-related conditions. Prof Davie made the presentation on behalf of the trustees of the Foundation; Maldwyn Jones, Carol Lewis, and Dr Chris Sharp.

He said: “The trustees of the Michael Davie Research Foundation were pleased to award the prize for the highest marks at the end of first year exams to Max Yates. Max has a particular interest in Medical Genetics and is aiming to qualify as a doctor. 

“The Foundation seeks to fund research into human disease, particularly bone disease, and to fund educational projects. Being a Shropshire based charity, local work is encouraged. Many disciplines now apply to the bone field and the trustees were impressed by the courses now being held at UCS, many of which have applications to bone disease. They were attracted by the quality of the teaching and of the students, and wished to support such an excellent local initiative.

“Initially the trustees made an award for the best student in the end of first year exams. At a recent meeting, however, the trustees decided to extend the awards to the best student in each of the three years.”

Max said: “Being presented with an award wasn’t what I had in mind when starting another year of university.

“But it was a pleasant surprise to be given the award, find out about the Michael Davie Research Foundation, and it gave me a taste of what it might be like to receive my degree in the years to come.

“A lot of people say that the first year of university doesn’t count, however you’ll hopefully be studying something you find motivating and who knows, by setting that alarm for your 9am lecture you might even win an award."

Max added a thankyou to Prof Davie for taking the time to present the award.

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